Our Product Offerings for the Respiratory Treatment of Covid-19

Dear valued customers,

Respiratory care is a core element for the treatment of Covid-19.
GaleMed Corporation has specialized in the development of respiratory products since 1986. We offer a comprehensive product portfolio of 1,000+ products to customers in over 60 countries across a full services spectrum including contract manufacturing, private label and branded products. Our specialized product range covers the entire medical use cycle for the respiratory treatment of Covid-19, including patient transfer, critical care, and recovery care. Our products provide targeted solutions for oxygen therapy, respiratory management and respiratory rehabilitation including:

  • Emergency: High-oxygen mask, Manual resuscitator, PEEP valve
  • Intensive Care: Breathing circuits, Bacterial filter (HMEF/HEPA), Valved T-piece, MDI connector
  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation: Tri-ball incentive spirometer, ECHO percussor, Peak flow meter, Dofin breathing strength builder, Positive expiratory pressure (PEP) device, Inspiratory muscle training (IMT)

Our award-winning product range has been recognized for high quality and innovation by various national industry associations and medical professional bodies. All our products are produced at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Taiwan and China.

We understand that there is currently a global shortage of medical supplies. Our manufacturing facilities are currently fully staffed and working hard to provide our mission-critical respiratory products to our valued customers.

Please also be noted that the product availability may vary due to the difference of treatment guidelines in each country. Should you have any inquiry regarding our services and product offerings, please contact our sales representatives or via email at sales@galemed.com.

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