Why GaleMed

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  • 100+countries
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GaleMed is an Innovative R&D-driven manufacture and supplier operating at the global level to bring high-quality solutions in this specialized space. (If there is a space) We work with globally leading brands to serve hospitals, homecare centers, patient centers, and even aerospace.
GaleMed achieves for product excellence. Since 1995, GaleMed obtained ISO 9001, EN46001 and CE certification. We are committed to providing users with safe and reliable products.
GaleMed affirmed by international respiratory therapy manufacturers and has become the best strategic partner of the world’s major manufacturers through OEM or Co-brand

2021 Taiwan SNQ National Quality Label

Our Response for COVID-19.

COVID-19 may alter an established rehabilitation process and recovery timeline. An increasing number of patients which COVID-19 present with pulmonary and cardiac issues and weakness that can contribute to an extended length of stay.
Oxygen is necessary for human life. Some people with breathing or lung disorders can’t get enough oxygen naturally and be desaturation, which means low blood oxygen. It will cause shortness of breath, tiredness, and could also damage their body. In order to improve the symptoms, they may need supplemental oxygen to increase the amount of oxygen in their lungs and deliver to blood.