Brand Story

GaleMed had been built up by its original founder for the past 30+ years to be a very reputable player in the respiratory and anesthesiology sector. GaleMed is an innovative R&D-driven manufacturer and supplier operating at the global level to bring high-quality solutions in this specialty space. We work with globally leading brands to serve hospitals, home care centres, patient centres, and even aerospace.

With its own brand GALEMED, GaleMed sells its products all over the world, and its products have gained a foothold in the field of respiratory therapy, and it has become the OEM partner of many world-class medical device enterprises. Galemed is not complacent about this. Understanding that brand promotion is equally important to products and sales, and actively understanding and analyzing the current situation of industry competitors/ourselves and future advantages and disadvantages opportunities. Promoting our own brand, develop a brand strategy, and carry out a series of brand development plans.

GaleMed has a long history in ODM background, and we were generating a new vitality by creating niche products, developing new corporate identification system, repositioning many product brands, and promoting various plans to enhance the innovation value and brand loyalty as the goal, for the next decades.

Iconic Brand

GaleMed is positioned as a multi-brand strategy to differentiate different customer groups and extend the brand into different areas, including Babi.Plus for infant and infant respiratory care, Dezire for sleep therapy, Humi-Aide for humidification therapy, and Oxi.Plus for oxygen therapy. The multi-brand strategy shows the strong ambition of GaleMed, and it also understands that for different brand positioning and product demands, GaleMed must carefully understand the differences in markets and demands around the world, analyze the advantages and disadvantages of internal and external situations and opportunities, and carry out the brand introduction and development plans according to different market demands and opportunities.

Humidification Therapy
Sleep Therapy
Aerosol Therapy
GiO™ Manometer
Oxygen Therapy

Product Value - Safety First

GaleMed not only attaches importance to the invisible bonus points of brand exposure and quality impression in promotion but also archives five principles in product research and development: safety, comfort, convenience, uniqueness, and affinity. We hopes that the image demand of professional, high-quality products and high-quality service can achieve the internal and external consistency of GaleMed Spirits.


The safety and effectiveness of medical devices is our major goal.


An excellent medical device that is convenient and easy to use.


Optimal comfort, ergonomic design for the caregivers and patients.


Environmental control for products and facilities.


We offer unique solutions and design to health care use.