ESG at GaleMed

GaleMed has been deeply involved in the development and manufacturing of respiratory and anesthesia consumables for 35 years. Every action we take may have an impact far beyond our business scope.

We strive to integrate sustainability into all aspects of our business and prioritize the highest quality standards in order to build a more transparent, ethical and resilient company.

We strike a balance between long-term growth and profitability and our contribution to employees and partners, the environment and the global community.

We work hard to obtain safe and reliable medical product technology for medical staff and patients every second.

Our initiatives to improve inclusiveness, diversity and fairness affect our employees and our communities. Our environmental management affects our lives. We continue to promote the meaning of becoming a goal-oriented company, co-prosperous with customers, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders, and strive to connect with society for the benefit of the world.

GaleMed five missions, visions and sustainable strategies

When WISE X ESG GaleMed's Five Sustainability Strategies
Environmental Satisfaction

In response to green production, it emphasizes carbon reduction from materials and packaging, and exerts an influence on suppliers.

Green Operation

Pursuing corporate operational efficiency is our goal, and we hope to achieve the rights and interests of stakeholders, and we are committed to environmentally sustainable development.

Corporate Governance Global Governance

Strengthen the governance structure and comply with international laws and regulations.


Combining the brainstorming of professional respiratory therapy and engineering experts to provide customers with the most competitive products and services.

All Win

Achieve the highest satisfaction of shareholders, customers, business partners and employees satisfaction.

Overview of ESG implementation in GaleMed

5 Main Policies
Develop a supplier code of conduct
Fully comply with pollution emission standards
Pay attention to industrial safety and environmental protection
Implement ESMS and EHS specifications
Colleagues participate in person



Comply with local regulations and licensing requirements

Waste Management
Waste Management

Comply with waste management guidelines, pollution emission limits and obtain appropriate permits

Environmental Policy
Environmental Policy

A number of policies, such as off-site environmental management guidelines, production environmental guidelines, to ensure compliance with the relevant regulatory requirements


We Bring Green To You
Social insurance


  • Payment of social insurance
  • Housing provident fund payment is in line with the industry average standard


  • Pension contributions and labor/health insurance in compliance with local regulations
Employee rights and benefits
  • Leave benefits in accordance with local regulations
  • Overtime benefits are in full compliance with local regulations
  • Take the initiative to provide other benefits to employees
  • Replace orders with communication, and bring consensus to coordination
  • The quarterly GaleMed Academy offers a wide range of general education programs
  • Promote the labor health service system and safeguard the safety and health of workers
Employee health and safety
  • Inspect the occupational hazard condition in the factory regularly
  • Provide regular health check for plant staff
  • Online care and parties
  • Work from home hardware and software resource allowance
  • Flexible family care policy
The social responsibility
  • During the COVID-19 epidemic, the Xiamen factory donated consumables to help Wuhan
  • Yilan factory donated to rare disease organizations and participated in local scholarship programs
  • During the epidemic outbreak, employees were given subsidies for working from home, and masks were distributed monthly
  • Academic research
  • Technical support, technical authorization
  • Production and medical exchanges, production and school cooperation
  • Clinical trials and demand feedback
  • Continuous product development, innovation and improvement
Production safety
  • Set up relevant policies and procedures, such as production safety management and warehouse management guidelines to ensure the production safety of all areas
  • Safety project: correct non - conformance safety requirements (fire safety, elevator safety, etc.)
  • Health and safety monitoring and management in the production process, for Yilan and Xiamen factories. Continuous industrial hygiene monitoring, occupational medical monitoring, and inform employees occupational hazard procedures


Buy Green And Save Green
ESG Compliance

GaleMed established an ESG promotion group to consolidate the three major aspects of economy, society and environment, and follow the international ESG guidelines, requiring the supply chain and business operations to follow exactly.

Risk assessment
  • Through existing factory or written audits, we will actually check whether it meets ESG requirements, and compare the validity of a standard certificate and implementation process.
  • Validating and confirming the management mode of uncertified suppliers or partners.
Continuous promotion and improvement

Regular communication meetings are held to regularly review the status of the company's internal achievements, as well as actively encourage partners to meet the standards.

GaleMed Value

GaleMed continues to refine the manufacturing technology and design services of respiratory and anesthesia consumables. To comply with Global ESG Standards, continues to bring more advanced, more powerful, more energy-efficient, and safer products, greatly enhance the quality of life, and move towards a sustainable Good society.