Disposable 2-Way Manifold with Water Trap
  • CS Water Trap Volume: 55 ml
  • Pressure & Flow Rate: < 3.02 cm H20 @ 60 LPM
  • Meets ISO 5356-1 standard
  • Meets ISO 10993-1 compatibility

The 2-Way Manifold with a water trap is attached to the  expiratory end of the dual limb breathing circuit to regulate the expiratory valve. The water trap is used to collect condensation in the circuit to prevent it from damaging the  ventilator or flowing backing to the patient.

  • Standard connector:  22/15mm 
  • Port: 4M 
CS Water Trap Volume
< 3.02 cmH2O @ 60 LPM 55 ml
Order Information
REF Description QTY
AV0010 Dispo. 2 Way Manifold w/CS Water Trap 25 pcs/carton
AB0217 Dispo. Suction Tube 3m, w/Angle Port 25 pcs/carton