Adult Single Limb Heated Wire Circuit
Adult Single Limb Heated Wire Circuit
  • Designed to maintain the temperature and humidity of the air delivered to the patient
  • Compatible with the leading brands of humidifier
  • Color-coded for easy identification; inspiratory (blue) and expiratory limb (white)
The Adult Single Limb Heated Wire Circuit is equipped with a heated wire in inspiratory limb, which accepts a humidifier and proximal airway temperature probe.  The circuit can be used with both invasive mechanical ventilation and non-invasive ventilation, and it's available with or without a humidification chamber

Color-Coded Identity

For easy identification, heated wire limbs are colored in blue

T-Shape Probe Adaptor

A special design with the fit-in shaped holder and the seal ring port, accommodating T-shaped temperature port and minimizes the probe movement

Tube Clip Securement

Provide tube organization near the patient and reduce circuit drop

Protective Cap

Prevents particle contamination and minimize the cross infection

Spiral-Configured Heated Wire

High-quality, spiral-shaped, and elongated heated wire element evenly heats the gases with maximum contact area. The spiral-shaped heated wire causes lower tube resistance for patient safety.

Water Trap

Expiratory limb without heated wire comes with a water trap

REF Patient Y with Cap Inhale Limb Exhale Limb Chamber Limb Water Trap Tube Clips & Connector Kit Chamber
22/15mm 150cm, Heated, 22F  100 + 50cm, Non-Heated, 22F  60cm, Collapsible, 22F  1 pc 1 set -
AH0018 22/15mm
150cm, Heated, 22F 
100 + 50cm, Non-Heated, 22F
60cm, Collapsible, 22F
1 pc 1 set 1 set
Order Information
REF Description QTY
AH0017 HW1 Circuit, Adult w/WT 10 pcs/carton
AH0018 HW1 Circuit, Adult w/WT, Chamber 10 pcs/carton
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