Endo Mask

The Aplus Endo Mask is specifically designed with a flexible port positioned in an ideal part of the mask to allow easier insertion of nasal or oral endoscope

A revolutionary design that enables simultaneous application of endoscopy during anesthesia or mechanical ventilation


  • Flexible and Expandable Membrane
  • Resealable Port Cap
  • Soft Mask with Volume-Adjustable Air Cushion
  • Standard 22F Connection Port
  • CO2 or Pressure  Monitoring Port
  • Transparent Mask Body

Application of endoscopy

Size Connection Port Pressure/CO2 monitoring port
Medium/Large 22F for Tubing 4.0 mm OD
Order Information
REF Description QTY
AW0065 Endo Mask (Medium) w/ head strap 20 pcs/carton
AW0009 Endo Mask (Large) w/ head strap 20 pcs/carton