nAPV Circuit

Babi.Plus® nAPV Circuit is a T-piece resuscitator for neonates weighing under 10 kg, which provides emergency pulmonary ventilation by means of mask or artificial airway through a gas power source. Operated under flow rate of 5-15 LPM, nAPV Circuit is available to deliver pressure up to 22 ± 2 cmH2O at 15 LPM and PEEP level adjustment 2-25 cmH2O.

Suction Port

Allows convenient suction without disengagement.

Adjustable PEEP Valve

PEEP level adjustment 2-25 cmH₂O.

Pressure Monitoring Port (Optional)

Connect to pressure monitoring system for proximal airway pressure.

Gas Flow Range Adjustable PEEP Valve Tube Length
5-15 liters per minute 2-25 cmH2O 150 cm
Order Information
REF Description QTY
AN0028 nAPV Circuit 10 pcs/box
AN0029 nAPV Circuit w/Pressure Port 10 pcs/box