Bacterial Filter (Foam)
  • Equipped with 0.3 micron bacterial filter membrane for up to 99 .99% of efficiency
  • Pressure resistance: less than 1 cmH2O/ 50 LPM
  • Standard 22 mm lD/15 mm OD and 22/15 mm connectors meet ISO Standard
  • Two different types: with or without Luer
REF Filter Media Port Weight Dead Space Resistance  BFE MPS: 2.9µm@30LPM VFE MPS: 2.9µm@30LPM Connector
AF0001 Electrostatic N/A 22g <32.93ml  < 1cmH2O/ 50Ipm >99.99% >99.99% 22F/15M, 22M/15F
AF0019 Electrostatic N/A      < 1cmH2O/ 50Ipm >99.99% >99.99% 22F/15M, 22M/15F
AF0020 Electrostatic Luer 23g <33.43ml  < 1cmH2O/ 50Ipm >99.99% >99.99% 22F/15M, 22M/15F
Order Information
REF Description QTY
AF0001 Filter, 22F/15M, 22M/15F  150 pcs/box
AF0019 Filter, 22F/15M, 22M/15F 150 pcs/box
AF0020 Filter, 22F/15M, 22M/15Fw/Luer 150 pcs/box