Neonatal CPAP Bonnet
Neonatal CPAP Bonnet
  • Babi.Plus® nBonnet is designed to secure the side-stream CPAP delivery system.

With elastic strap fixtures and open top design, nBonnet (neonatal CPAP bonnet) is able to reduce up & down movement and to accommodate more head shapes. Each nBonnet kit includes a bonnet, two adhesive hook style fasteners, one chin strap and one ribbon.

REF Color Size Head Circumference (cm)
AN0005 Green #1 22-25
AN0006 Yellow #2 25-28
AN0007 Red #3 28-31
AN0008 Blue #4 31-34.5
AN0009 Black #5 34.5-38
Order Information
REF Description QTY
AN0005 nBonnet Kit, XS 25 pcs/box
AN0006 nBonnet Kit, S 25 pcs/box
AN0007 nBonnet Kit, M 25 pcs/box
AN0008 nBonnet Kit, L 25 pcs/box
AN0009 nBonnet Kit, XL 25 pcs/box