DeZire™ CPAP-DL Face Mask
  • Built-in Anti-asphyxia valve with 22mm double swivel connector
  • Dual layer soft silicone cushion (AM0054, AM0055, AM0056) for better comfort and seal
  • Single layer silicone cushion (AM0057, AM0058, AM0059)
  • Low flow resistance
  • Quick-release headgear fastener for easy fitting
  • Ports for CO2 or pressure monitoring

CPAP therapy is the most recommended treatment for OSA. This form of treatment requires users to wear a mask that fits nicely over the nose and/or mouth during sleep. With maximum flexibility and ultra lightweight materials selected to minimize any disturbances.

Soft air-seal cushion

Multi-functional port

for monitoring or supplemental gases

Vent port& Built-in anti-asphyxia valve

reduces turbulence and noise

Quick release clip

for easy removal
REF Connector DL Lite CPAP Mask SL Lite CPAP Mask
AM0054 22mm PC/Silicone Dual Layer -
AM0055 22mm
PC/Silicone Dual Layer
AM0056 22mm
PC/Silicone Dual Layer
AM0057 22mm
- PC/Yellow Silicone Single Layer
AM0058 22mm
- PC/Yellow Silicone Single Layer
AM0059 22mm
- PC/Yellow Silicone Single Layer
Order Information
REF Description QTY
AM0054 CPAP-DL face Mask, L 20 pcs/box
AM0055 CPAP-DL face Mask, M 20 pcs/box
AM0056 CPAP-DL face Mask, S 20 pcs/box
AM0057 CPAP-SL Mask, L 20 pcs/box
AM0058 CPAP-SL Mask, M 20 pcs/box
AM0059 CPAP-SL Mask, S 20 pcs/box