DeZire™ Koala CPAP Nasal Mask
  • Multipurpose port to allow CO2 sampling, pressure monitoring or supplies of supplemental gases
  • 22 mm swivel elbow with lightweight tubing
  • Quick release clip for easy removal
  • Bio-compatible silicone, flexible engineering plastic, high impact material
DeZire™ Koala CPAP Nasal Mask has soft dual-layer silicone cushion to provide a better seal and extra comfort for better compliance. The vent port reduces turbulence and noise, while the angled port directly makes expired air away from the user and bed partner.

Quick release clip

Ergo Seal

Air-tight silicone cushion

27° Ergonomic Angel

Connector Multifunctional Port Headgear
22mm O.D. 4.3 F skin-friendly fabric
Order Information
REF Description QTY
AM0066 Koala CPAP Nasal Mask w/Durable Headgear, S 20pcs /carton
AM0067 Koala CPAP Nasal Mask w/Durable Headgear, M 20pcs /carton