Disposable 2-Way Manifold
Disposable 2-Way Manifold
  • Standard 22mm port for the monitoring or collection of expired gases through a scavenging bag.
  • 7.6F standard connector
  • Single patient use
The 2-Way Manifold is used to regulate the flow for the expiratory of the dual limb breathing circuits. The control line from the ventilator controls the opening of the valve to enable air to flow out accordingly.
  • Standard connector:  22/15mm 
  • Port: 4M 
REF Port
AB0125 L type
AV0056 Straight Type
Order Information
REF Description QTY
AB0125 Dispo. 2-Way Manifold w/Elbow Drive Port 60 pcs/carton
AV0056 Dispo. 2-Way Manifold w/Straight Drive Port 60 pcs/carton