Disposable 3-Way Manifold
Disposable 3-Way Manifold
  • The disposable 3-Way Manifold comes with a hanger that can be attached to a hanger arm to help position or keep the breathing circuit in place.
  • Resistance: < 6 cmH2O @ 60 LPM.
The 3-Way Manifold is attached to the single limb breathing circuit to regulate the expiratory valve. The control line from the ventilator controls the opening of the valve to enable air to flow in and out accordingly.
This line intermittently provides the pressure needed to close the expiratory valve during inspiration, which blocks gas outflow during the application of inspiratory positive pressure. This is done to ensure the patient receives optimal gas exchange conditions.

3-Way Manifold w/Swivel Exhale Cap

3-Way Manifold w/22M Exhale Port

3-Way Manifold w/30M Exhale Port

REF Port Pressure & Flow Rate
AV0021 - < 6 cmH2O @ 60 LPM
AV0001 6M < 6 cmH2O @ 60 LPM
AB0020 - < 6 cmH2O @ 60 LPM
AV0058 7.6F < 6 cmH2O @ 60 LPM
AV0023 - < 6 cmH2O @ 60 LPM
AB0232 7.6F < 6 cmH2O @ 60 LPM
Order Information
REF Description QTY
AV0021 CV-3 Manifold 100 pcs/carton
AV0001 CV-3 Manifold w/6B 100 pcs/carton
AB0020 CV-3 Manifold, L22M 100 pcs/carton
AV0058 CV-3 Manifold, w/L22M, 7.6F 100 pcs/carton
AV0023 CV-3 Manifold, 30M 100 pcs/carton
AB0232 CV-3 Manifold, w/30M, 7.6F 100 pcs/carton
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