Disposable Collapsible Catheter Mount
  • Economical single patient use catheter mount
  • Lightweight and exerts less weight on patient
  • Standard 22/15mm connector for patient interface connection
A Catheter Mount provides extensions and airway connectors to make it easier for patient positioning, reducing unexpected ventilator disconnection and freeing caregivers from continuous monitoring

Double Swivel Elbow & Double Flip-Top Cap

AB0258, AB0193

  • 360 degree swivel elbow connection
  • With suction port for suction or insertion of other functional tubes

Fixed Elbow With Luer Port


  • Port for pressure or temperature monitoring

Fixed Straight Connection


REF Patient Elbow Corrugated Tube Circuit Connection
AB0258 22/15mm, 15M, Double Swivel Elbow PP 15cm  15M
AB0193 22/15mm, 15M, Double Swivel Elbow EVA 15cm 22F
AB0318 22/15mm, 15M, Fixed Elbow EVA 15cm 15M
AB0256 22/15mm, 15M, Fixed Straight PP 20cm 15M
Order Information
REF Description QTY
AB0258 Catheter mount, 15cm, 15M 100 pcs/carton
AB0193 EVA Catheter Mount, 15cm, 22F 100 pcs/carton
AB0318 EVA Catheter mount, 15cm, L22/15 mm, 15M 100 pcs/carton
AB0256 Catheter Mount, 20cm, 22/15 mm, 15M 150 pcs/carton