Disposable EVA Circuit
  • Lightweight
  • Ready to use: Pre-attached water trap to reduce possible leaks
  • Kink Resistant: Ensures a smooth airflow for patient safety
  • Single Patient Use: Up to 21 days to minimize the risk of cross-infection
  • Biocompatible & ISO conformance: Materials and functions conform to international standards

The EVA Circuits are disposed of after use, providing a safe alternative to reusable circuits that can transmit pathogens  or risks of contamination that can spread

EVA Material

Lighter and more economical

Economic Corrugated Interior

Ultra light circuit with good flexibility and low resistance, which can be easily arranged in clinical environments

Functional 7.6 F Port

The functional port is compatible with temperature probes existing in the market

Secure Elbow Connection

The elbow connector  prevents accidental ventilator disconnection

Pre-Attached Water Trap

Reduce air leak and increase efficiency of condensate drainage
REF Application Elbow Wye Inhale Tubing Exhale Tubing Chamber Tubing Water Trap Connector
AB0316 Adult 22/15, 15F 22/15, 22M, 7.6F EVA corrugated, 22F , 60cm x 2 EVA corrugate, 22F , 60cm x 2 EVA corrugate, 22F , 30cm 22M, 2 pcs -
AB0321 Child 22/15, 15F 22/15, 15M, 7.6F EVA corrugated, 15F , 60cm x 2 EVA corrugate, 15F , 60cm x 2 EVA corrugate, 22F , 30cm 15M, 2 pcs -
AB0071 Infant - 15F, 10M, 7.6F EVA corrugated, 10F , 30cm+30cm+60cm, with 7.6 port EVA corrugate, 10F , 60cm x 2 EVA corrugate, 22F , 30cm 10M, 2 pcs 3 pcs
Order Information
REF Description QTY
AB0316 EVA Circuit, Adult, 120 cm w/2WT 15 pcs/carton
AB0321 EVA Circuit, Child, 120 cm w/2WT 15 pcs/carton
AB0071 EVA Circuit, Infant, 120 cm w/2WT 15 pcs/carton