MR-100 Diverter (for PEEP Valve & Filter)
MR-100 Diverter (for PEEP Valve & Filter)

  • The Diverter fits on the NRV of the manual resuscitator to collect and direct the exhaled air for a certain function
  • Suitable for attaching: PEEP Valve, HEPA or other bacterial/viral filters, or another diverter to change the direction of exhaled air
  • Two models available: durable and disposable
  • Designed to increase oxygen concentration and to direct exhaled air away from the operator
Connector Port Type
30F Durable/ Disposable
Order Information
REF Description Type QTY
AR0003 MR-100 Diverter, 30/26 mm Durable 50 pcs/box
AR0005 MR-100 Diverter, 30/26 mm Disposable 50 pcs/box