Durable J Circuit

  • Ultra lightweight for improved comfort
  • Manifold with highly efficient valve for quieter and prompt response
  • Smoothbore Tubing for easy clean and reach minimal air turbulence
  • Silicone for inhale, exhale tubing, drive line and gas line requirements
  • Polysulfone for all connector and housing
  • All parts autoclavable at 134°C

Durable J Circuit with manifold and smoothbore tubing provides safety and comfort use, which is also easy to clean and minimizes air turbulence. Silicone for the inhale and exhale tubing, while Polysulfone for all connectors and housing. All parts of Durable J Circuit are autoclavable at 134°C.

  • Elbow: Patient port - 22/15mm and 15mm OD to wye  connector
  • Wye: 15F for patient interface, 22M for inhale and  exhale tubing, 4B elbow connector for pressure  sensing
  • 22 and 15mm conform to ISO-5356-1

Airflow of 2-Way Manifold during inhalation

Airflow of 2-Way Manifold during inhalation

Elbow Manifold Wye Inhale Exhale Control Line Pressure Line Housing Connector Drive Line Gas Line
Patient port: 22/15mm,Wye connector:15F 2 Way 22/15, 22/15 7.6 & 4B, Patient interface: 15F, Inhale & Exhale tubing: 22M, Pressure sensing: 4B elbow connector Silicone, 120cm, 22F cuff Silicone, 45cm, 22F cuff 150cm 150cm PSF PSF Silicone Silicone
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AB0090 Silicone J-Circuit, Adult 10 sets/box