GiO™ Digital Pressure Gauge
  • Real time display of pressure measured
  • Displays in three pressure units (kPa, cmH2O, mBar)
  • Backlight to enable reading in dark environment
  • Analogue bar display with colors to indicate different pressure range
  • Portable and compact device to fulfill pressure monitoring needs

GiO™ Digital Pressure Gauge is an economical, portable and compact device enables the measurement and display of pressure values in a single instrument to fulfill pressure monitoring needs. Besides, we have different specifications of gauge to meet the needs of different situations.

Adaptor Accuracy Battery Weight (including battery) Dimension
7.6 mm I.D. +/- 2.5% F.S. CR2032 3V lithium cell. approx. 43 grams. 68 x 65 x 17 mm
Order Information
REF Description QTY
AQ0008  GiO Manometer, 0~30 cmH2 10 pcs/carton
AQ0012 GiO Manometer, 0~80 cmH2O 10 pcs/carton
AQ0013 GiO Manometer, -30~100 cmH2O 10 pcs/carton
AQ0014 GiO Manometer, -60~0 cmH2O 10 pcs/carton
AQ0015 GiO Manometer, -250~250 cmH2O 10 pcs/carton
AQ0016 GiO Manometer, -100~0 cmH2O 10 pcs/carton
AF0003 Hydrophobic Filter, 7.6M w/Luer 10 pcs/carton