GiO™ MIP/MEP Device
GiO™ MIP / MEP Kit
  • Connect to GiO™ to enable MIP or MEP measurement
  • Each kit includes 2 separate air valves (MEP valve and MIP valve), bacteria filter and mouthpiece
  • Soft, anatomic and comfortable mouthpiece to provide better seal
  • Real time digital display of pressure measured
  • Single use interface to minimize risk of cross contamination
Adaptor Accuracy Battery Weight (including battery) Dimension
7.6 mm I.D. +/- 2.5% F.S. CR2032 3V lithium cell approx. 43 grams 68 x 65 x17 mm
Order Information
REF Description QTY
AP0005  MIP/MEP Kit  20 pcs/carton