HEPA Radial Pleated Filter (Paper)
  • Long term anesthesia/ventilation bacterial filtration up to 99.9999% of efficiency
  • Standard 22 mm ID/ 15 mm OD connectors meet lSO Standard
REF Filter Media Port Weight  Dead Space Resistance (cmH2O@LPM) BFE MPS: 2.9µm@30LPM VFE MPS: 2.9µm@30LPM Connector
AF0002 Paper  Luer 38g <34.80ml 4.37@60 >99.9999% >99.9999% 22F/15M, 22/15 mm
Order Information
REF Description QTY
AF0002 Filter, HEPA w/luer, 22F/15M, 22/15 mm 150 pcs/box
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