NHF Prong Kit
NHF Prong Kit
  • Super soft silicone material and encompasses a special undercut design
  • The “snap-on” button on one end of the cannula for quick release
  • Drain Port for condensation Drainage without interruption the oxygen support
  • Available in three sizes
The NHF Prong Kit is designed to deliver high flow via ultra soft silicone nasal cannula to improve patient breathing conditions and comfort. It is available to combine with our Humi. AIDE humidification technology which offers an effective and efficient solution for oxygen therapy.

Softer Touch

  • Made of super soft silicone material
  • A special undercut design which mimics the anatomical curve of philtrum (the area under nose). The anatomical curve design reduces the friction and irritation on skin

Quick Release

The “snap-on” button on one end of the cannula is designed to enable easy removal of the headgear or adjustment

Condensation Drainage

Accumulated in the nasal cannula can be quickly drained via one of the two tubing connection ports, without any interruption to the air supply

Undercut Design



Size 2 (mm)
Size 3 (mm)
Size 4 (mm)
Diameter (A)
Diameter (B)
NHF Prong
Order Information
REF Description QTY
AO0009 NHF Prong Kit, #2 100 pcs/carton
AO0010 NHF Prong Kit, #3 100 pcs/carton
AO0011 NHF Prong Kit, #4 100 pcs/carton