Neonatal Auto Feeding Humidification Chamber
  • Lower chamber volume: Designed for neonates. Reduce dead space and resistance.
  • Water feeding volume: 53 to 130 ml (minimum to maximum)
  • Stop force for feeding Device:130ml
  • IV tubing length:120 cm
The Humi.AIDE Auto Feeding Chamber features a sensitive auto-filling mechanism for accurate water level control. It allows sterile water to automatically fill into the chamber without interruption of flow and ventilation, saving time for clinician who requires monitoring the condition frequently and reducing the risk of contamination.
REF Application Fill Line Length Water Feeding Volume Stop Force for Feeding Device
AH0038 Neonate 120cm 53 to 130 ml (minimum to maximum) 130ml
Order Information
REF Description QTY
AH0038 Auto Feeding Chamber, Neonate
12 pcs/ carton