tHME (Tracheal)
  • Provides passive humidification and optional oxygen supply 
  • Compact and lightweight tHME body has low dead space and ensures optimum patient ventilation
  • Available in 3 types: Standard/ with Oxygen Tube/ with ABR Valve

The Humi.AIDE™ Tracheal Heat and Moisture Exchanger (tHME) provides passive humidification for spontaneously breathing tracheostomy patients. The tHME has a compact and lightweight design that reduces pressure at the sensitive trachea site and helps provide optimum patient ventilation.

Light Paper Media

Provides efficient heat and moisture exchange to patient

Optional Adjustable Breathing Resistance (ABR) Valve

Helps to reduce patients' work of breathing and provides users greater comfort and flexibility

Optional Oxygen Tubing

Designed with oxygen tubing connection for supplemental oxygen

REF Description Dead Space Tidal Volume Connectors Resistance Moisture Output
AH0023 tHME, 15F 11.7ml >50ml 15F 0.48cm H2O @ 60 lpm 24.0mg H2O @ VT=500ml
AH0071 tHME, w/ Tubing 12.0 ml >50 ml 15F 0.48cm H2O @ 60 lpm 24.0mg H2O @ VT=500ml
AH0024 tHME, 15F w/Knob 11.7ml >50 ml 15F 0.48cm H2O @ 60 lpm 24.0mg H2O @ VT=500ml
Order Information
REF Description QTY
AH0023 tHME, 15F 50pcs/carton
AH0071 tHME w/Tubing 50pcs/carton
AH0024 tHME, 15F w/Knob 50pcs/carton