Babi.Plus™ nTest Lung
Babi.Plus™ nTest Lung
  • Intended to be used for testing the function of ventilator prior to its clinical application.
  • Anatomical design and two different lungs for more precise simulation.
  • Made of high performance engineering plastic and silicone rubber. Each unit has been calibrated ensure the resistance and compliance conform to specifications for different applications.
  • Lightweight, easy and convenient for use and storage.
  • Standard 15 mm O.D. connector conforms to ISO-5356-1.

Babi.Plus™ nTest Lung is an easy test device which simulates pulmonary physiology. It intended for use of demonstration and testing applications with neonatal ventilation systems. Each nTest Lung set includes a strap, two bracket test lungs and carrying pouch. Various resistance of single test lungs (with or without bracket) are available for assembling the desired lung simulation.

Resistance indicator

4 color-coded indicators easily identify the individual lung resistance.

Available resistance of 90, 145, 300 and 600 CMH2O/L/s at 1 liter per second

Pressure Monitoring Port

Connect to the pressure monitoring system for measuring proximal airway pressure.

Bracket Test Lung

Bracket creates an approximate 1.0 ml/cmH2O compliance and allows test ling to simulate lung with 25ml tidal volume.

The Test Lung Without Bracket

Without bracket, test lung condition with 60 ml tidal Volume.

Material Connector Bracket Compliance(ml/cmH2O) Resistance(cmH2O/L/sec) Volume(ml) Weight(grams) Dimension(mm)
high performance engineering plastic and silicone rubber 15 mm O.D. with/without 1.0  90, 145, 300 or 600 0-25 / 0-60 43 /23 125 x 105 x 35
Order Information
REF Description Content QTY
AN0004 nTest Lung, R145x2 A strap, two bracket test lungs, a carrying pouch 10 pcs/box
AB0051 nTest Lung Module, R90 One test lung without bracket 24 pcs/carton
AB0052 nTest Lung Module, R600 One bracket test lung 24 pcs/carton
AB0053 nTest Lung Module, R300 One bracket test lung 24 pcs/carton
AB0054 nTest Lung Module, R145 One bracket test lung 24 pcs/carton
AB0055 nTest Lung Module, R90 One bracket test lung 24 pcs/carton
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