NIV-DL Face Mask
  • Lightweight and ergonomic full face mask for NIV
  • Dual layer cushion to minimize air leaks
  • The soft cushion also distributes surface area pressure for greater comfort
  • Each mask includes a headgear
  • Available in two types: with Port or without Port
REF Size Port
AM0068 L N/A
AM0069 M N/A
AM0070 L N/A
AM0071 M
AM0072 S
Order Information
REF Description QTY
AM0068 NIV-DL Mask, L 20 pcs/box
AM0069 NIV-DL Mask, M 20 pcs/box
AM0070 NIV-DL Mask, L 20 pcs/box
AM0071 NIV-DL Mask w/port, M 20 pcs/box
AM0072 NIV-DL Mask w/port, S 20 pcs/box