Oxi.Plus™ Oxygen Hood
Oxi.Plus™ Oxygen Hood
  • Arc-shell hood with aerodynamic design facilitates oxygen distribution averagely and expelling carbon dioxide
  • Dual oxygen port enables oxygen or aerosol delivery choice in different position
  • Unique diffuser design diffuses the oxygen flow fast to avoid blowing over to patient directly
  • Lock-style connector avoids disconnection with oxygen circuit

Oxi.Hood features simple operations and functional designs, offering a practical solution for neonatal oxygen administration and temperature maintenance.  Weight bar and groove designs secure the hood in position. Oxi.Hood is available in 3 sizes to provide a better fit for premature and neonate, and each set comes with a hood and two weight bars.

Inlet Port Diverter

Prevent direct oxygen flowing onto the baby. 15/22 mm connector is compatible with various types of oxygen supply

Tubing Port

Raised base port allows convenient tubing and line placement 

Weight Bar

Provide stable hood fixation by simply placing weight bar in the groove

Padded Neck Hole

Ergonomic design optimally accommodates all ranges of babies heads
REF Size Head(Length x Width x Height) Neck(Width x Height)
AO0031 S 19x18x15 cm 7x5 cm
AO0033 M 19x18x15 cm 10x7 cm
AO0034 L 22x21x18 cm 12x10 cm
Order Information
REF Description QTY
AO0031 Oxi.Hood, S (included 2 pcs Weight Bar) 10 pcs/box
AO0033 Oxi.Hood, M (included 2 pcs Weight Bar) 10 pcs/box
AO0034 Oxi.Hood, L (included 2 pcs Weight Bar) 10 pcs/box
AO0032 Weight Bar for Oxi.Hood (Accessories) 2 pcs/box