Rescu-7 Resuscitator
Rescu-7 Resuscitator
  • All-in-one intake valve to reduce assembly time
  • An economic model with ergonomic design that doesn’t compromise on performance
  • Soft silicone resuscitator bag with fast rebound
  • Available in 3 sizes: Adult, Child, Infant
  • This product is also applied to animal respiratory care

Rescu-7 manual resuscitator is reusable and manufactured from high quality materials.

ALL-IN-ONE intake valve

Release excessive pressure at fixed level

40 / 60 cmH2O Safety Valve

Release excessive pressure at fixed level

PEEP valve/ Filter

Easy to attach PEEP valve and filter

Housing Compressed Bag Reservoir Bag Mask Oxygen Tube
PC Silicone PVC Cushion: Silicone
Housing: PC
Order Information
REF Description Mask Size Pop-Off (cmH2O) Bag capacity (ml) Reservoir Bag Oxygen Tube (length:2m) QTY
AR0109 R7 Resuscitator set, Adult  #5 N/A 1500 2500 N/A 12 box/carton

R7 Resuscitator set, Adult w/ Pop-off

#5 60 1500 2500 12 box/carton

R7 Resuscitator set, Adult w/ Pop-off

#5 N/A 1500 2500 12 box/carton
AR0067 R7 Resuscitator set, Child w/ Pop-off #2 40 550 2500 12 box/carton
AR0070 R7 Resuscitator set, Child w/ Pop-off #0 40 280 600 12 box/carton
AR0106 R7 Resuscitator set, Adult w/ Berman Airway #3,5 60 600 2500 12 box/carton