Sil.Plus™ Silicone Breathing Circuit
Sil.Plus™ Silicone Breathing Circuit
  • Each circuit component accounts for significantly less weight than existing components on the market
  • Smooth inner wall of tubing allows for better air flow and reduces the chance of condensation accumulation in the circuit
  • Designed with minimal loose components to reduce air leakage and disconnection
  • Slim-cuff design enables quick and easy assembly and disassembly of components
  • High transparency design for checking occlusion
The Sil.Plus™ Extra-Lite Silicone Breathing Circuit combines aesthetics and practical light weights for patient comfort. With each circuit component weighting less than existing circuit components on the market, the Sil.Plus™ Circuit relieves users from the limitations of using a durable circuit without compromising the efficiency and comfort.

Adult Type Sil.Plus™ Silicone Breathing Circuit

Child Type Sil.Plus™ Silicone Breathing Circuit

Infant Type Sil.Plus™ Silicone Breathing Circuit

Each breathing circuit include two water traps

REF Application Patient Elbow Patient Wye Tube Water Trap Temperature Adaptor Elbow Connector Straight Connector
AB0038 Adult 15M, 15F 15F, 22M with 7.6F port Silicone, 22F, 60cm x 5 22F x 2 22F, 22/15, 7.6F port 4.3M, 7.6M, 6M  22M, 22M x 2
AB0037 Child 15M, 15F 15F, 15M with 7.6F port


15F, 60cm x 5

15M/10F x 2 22/15, 15F, 7.6F port 4.3M, 7.6M 15M, 15M x 2 ; 15M, 22F x 4
AB0036 Infant - 15F, 10M with 7.6F port Silicone, 10F,  60cm x 5 15M/10F x 2 10F, 10M, 7.6F port 4.3M, 7.6M 10M, 10M x 4; 10M, 22F x 4
Order Information
REF Description QTY
AB0038 Sil.Plus Circuit, Adult w/2 Water Trap 6 pcs/carton
AB0037 Sil.Plus Circuit, Child w/2 Water Trap 6 pcs/carton
AB0036 Sil.Plus Circuit, Infant w/2 Water Trap 6 pcs/carton