Pole Clamp
Pole Clamp

  • Keeps essential life-supporting device readily available and organized
  • Ergonomically engineered tri-edge turning knob for less required force to turn
  • Ultra lightweight design with one or two holder slip for different device
  • 3-point contact for better stabilization and grip for the pole and clamp
Pole Clamps are ISO 19054 compliant and available for poles 2.0 to 3.2 cm in diameter, providing sturdy mounting of the Babi.Plus Bubble PAP valve, humidifiers or other devices

Dual Pole Clamp

Durable and intend to support a total weight of ≤ 10 kg of two products on an equipment pole.

Single Pole Clamp

Intend to support a weight of ≤3 kg on an equipment pole.

Order Information
REF Description QTY
AB0022 ISO Pole Clamp, Single 10 pcs/box
AB0023 ISO Pole Clamp, Dual 10 pcs/box