Venti. Plus™ Test Lung
  • Excellent tool for training and demonstration
  • Made of high performance engineering plastic and silicone rubber
  • Standard 15mm connector conforms to ISO-5356-1
  • Can be used prior to operating a mechanical ventilator and circuit on a patient to ensure patient safety
  • Lightweight, easy and convenient for use and storage

Venti. Plus™ Test Lung is designed for testing mechanical ventilator functional properly. It can simulate level of resistance and lung compliance of adult and pediatric respiratory system to provide consistent accuracy. It is compact, easy-to-use, and capable of simulating a wide range of patient conditions.

REF Compliance Resistance Volume Weight Dimension
AB0001 0.02 L/cmH2 5 cmH2O /L/Second   1L 230 grams 300 x 100 x 43 mm
AB0002 0.01 L/cmH2 5 cmH2O /L/Second   0.5L 140 grams 240 x 100 x 43 mm
Order Information
REF Description QTY
AB0001 Test Lung, 1 L  20 pcs/carton
AB0002 Test Lung, 0.5 L 20 pcs/carton