• 6 Sizes designed specifically for premature and newborns.
  • Ergonomic design with soft material to provide better seal and comfort.
  • Silicone material to minimize skin irritation; bio-compatible and latex free.
Babi. PIus® n Mask is designed for use with resuscitators and T-piece resuscitation devices. With ergonomic con struction, Babi.Plus® nMask seals around the mouth and nose but does not cover the eyes or overlap the chin. 
Material Connector
Silicone 15mm
Order Information
REF Description QTY
AN0038 nMask, 25 mm 5 pcs/box
AN0039 nMask, 30 mm 5 pcs/box
AN0040 nMask, 35 mm 5 pcs/box
AN0041 nMask, 40 mm 5 pcs/box
AN0042 nMask, 45 mm 5 pcs/box
AN0043 nMask, 50 mm 5 pcs/box