Babi.Plus™ neonatal resuscitation bag is designed for premature and newborn infants up to 5 kg, aiming to offer safer care. Its unique bag design delivers 2 smaller stroke volumes for premature infants. Contact GaleMed to learn more!
Babi.Plus™ nBag Neonate Resuscitator
  • A safer resuscitation device for premature and newborn infant up to 5 kg.
  • Unique bag design to deliver two smaller stroke volume for premature infants.
  • 2 pressure limit levels to minimize the risk of lung injury.
  • Pressure monitoring port enables connection to pressure monitoring device to ensure patient safety.
  • Flexible oxygen reservoir tube.
  • Swivel patient port for more operation flexibility.
  • Biocompatible, latex free and phthalate free silicone material.
  • This product is also applied to animal respiratory care

Babi.Plus™ nBag Manual Resuscitator with a built-in pressure monitoring port and 2 pressure limit levels can minimize the risk of lung injury.

Pressure Safety Valve

Allow limiting level adjustment of 25 cmH2O and 40 cmH2O.

Pressure Monitoring Port

Allow prompt pressure measurement.

Resuscitation Volume

Precise volume prevents baby from volutrauma.

Flexible oxygen reservoir tube

Housing Compressed Bag Reservoir Tubing Mask Oxygen Tube
ABS/PP/PC Silicone PP(Tubing)

Cushion: Silicone
Housing: N/A

Order Information
REF Description Mask Size Pop-Off (cmH2O) Bag capacity (ml) Reservoir Tube Oxygen Tube (length:2m) QTY
AN0003 nBag Resuscitator N/A 25/40 62.5 15cm 12 box/carton
AN0082 nBag Resuscitator w/ Mask #0 25/40 62.5 15cm 12 box/carton
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