Dispo-Bag™ Manual Resuscitator
Dispo-Bag™ Manual Resuscitator
  • The low inspiratory and expiratory resistance
  • Highly efficient intake valve minimize CO2 retention
  • Valved diverter cap minimize dilution of oxygen concentration
  • Slip-free texture and arrow-shape vinyl bag with foldable design
  • This product is also applied to animal respiratory care

Dispo-Bag™ Manual Resuscitator is disposable and built-in 30M exhale port for PEEP or HEPA filter attachment and pressure monitoring port.

Monitoring Port

Allows attachment to pressure or CO2 monitoring system

PEEP valve/ Filter

Easy to attach PEEP valve and filter

Diverter cap

Adjusts direction of exhaled air and minimizes dilution of oxygen concentration

High transparency bag

Slip-free texture and arrow-shape bag

Housing Compressed Bag Reservoir Bag Mask Oxygen Tube
Housing: PC
Order Information
REF Description Mask Size Pop-Off (cmH2O) Bag capacity (ml) Reservoir Bag Oxygen Tube (length:2m) QTY
AR0076 DispoBag, Adult  N/A N/A 1500 1000 12 box/carton
AR0012 DispoBag, Adult #5 N/A 1500 1000 12 box/carton
AR0081 DispoBag, Adult w/ Pop-off #5 60 1500 1000 12 box/carton
AR0082 DispoBag, Adult w/ Pop-off N/A 60 1500 1000 12 box/carton
AR0085 DispoBag, Big Child w/ Pop-off #3 40 1100 1000 12 box/carton
AR0078 DispoBag, Child w/ Pop-off N/A 40 550 1000 12 box/carton
AR0022 DispoBag, Child w/ Pop-off #2 40 550 1000 12 box/carton
AR0079 DispoBag, Infant w/ Pop-off #0 40 280 500 12 box/carton
AR0080 DispoBag, Infant w/ Pop-off N/A 40 280 500 12 box/carton
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